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Babcock will be presenting at the National Pork Industry Conference on July 14-16th. Join us to hear about the importance of high individual piglet birth weight during the breakout sessions on Monday the 14th.

Babcock Genetics Releases Piglet Birth Weight Research CLICK HERE

Babcock Launches New Breed Select Program CLICK HERE

Visit our YouTube channel to hear the recent Farm Talk interview with Kevin Schleusner.

Interested in our Purebred Hampshire line? To download our new information packet CLICK HERE

Read Dr. Darwin Kohler and Dr. Chad Bierman's AASV paper on PSY vs. PSY*
2013 AASV Paper on PSY vs PSY*

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Babcock Genetics, worldwide leader in swine genetics, is looking for potential employees who are responsible, hard working, detail oriented, and passionate about all things swine related. High school graduate/equivalency required. Swine experience, animal husbandry/ag background, computer skills preferred. Weekend hours required. Salary plus benefits. See the career page for more detail.

Send resume to Mark Lund at mark@babcockgenetics.com or mail to: P.O. Box 577• Holmen, WI 54636