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Closed Herd System

Babcock closed its nucleus herd in the early 1970s, soon realizing improved health and significant production advantages. Shortly thereafter the company made a commitment to bring closed herd technology to pork producers worldwide. The development of reliable fresh semen extenders in the 1990's paved the way for Babcock's current Closed Herd System. Producers will see dramatic benefits from this system, both short and long term. As your herd's health status improves, performance will also improve. The proven advantages of choosing the Babcock Closed Herd System include:

  • More profit per sow per year
  • Lower disease risk
  • Stable herd health and immunity
  • Reduced mortality
  • Superior growth rate
  • Better feed efficiency
  • Lower cost of production
  • Maximum genetic progress
  • A consistent and reliable cash flow

  • Babcock's genetic lines are developed specifically for closed herd production. As a result, many concerns associated with other closed herds simply do not apply to Babcock's Closed Herd System. Babcock's Closed Herd System provides steady genetic progress, stable health and reliable performance. We've helped pork producers around the world implement this system and we'll help you get started too.


    * 5 year average

    Antibiotic-Free Opportunities

    Choosing the Babcock Genetics System allows you to produce hogs antibiotic free. Years of antibiotic free experience have shown increased returns of $30 a hog over conventional pork production. It's all possible because of Babcock's proven closed herd biosecurity...a better choice for profitable pork production.