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Healthy herds = profits

Babcock Genetics has never had a company owned boar stud break with PRRS. We are proud to say we haven't had to call customers to tell them to throw away semen because a boar tested positive for PRRS. Our animals have strong immune systems that require lower drugs costs adding to your bottom line.

  • Triple negative (PRRS, Mycoplasma, APP)
  • Robust disease resistant hogs
  • Stable herd health
  • Lower drug costs
  • Natural immunity for replacement gilts
  • Low mortality rate = more meat to market
  • Low sow mortality
  •   Docile Social-Friendly Swine

    If you are contemplating group sow housing, don’t forget the most important part:

                                              The Socialized Animals

    Most swine breeders have not socialized their animals for group sow housing and as a result they have to be left in stalls to get performance results from them. Tail and vulva biting are the most common problems all sows and gilts experience when not socialized.

    Thirty five years ago, Babcock started a genetic selection program to create docile animals. Five years ago we moved our nucleus herd into group sow housing without any problems. There is a lot more to group sow housing than just a big pen!

    Give Babcock a call for a thorough discussion on what it takes to set up a successful program!