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Headquartered in Rochester, MN, Babcock Genetics, Inc. is a leading supplier of swine genetics to the United States commercial industry. By utilizing cutting edge research methods, superior swine genetics, and a closed herd system, Babcock supplies its customers with a genetic base with a high probability for profitability. Babcock is an innovative company that is committed to all facets of the pork industry in addition to its own success. Minimum disease risk, excellent reproductive performance, growth rate, feed efficiency, and pork quality best describe Babcock Genetics.


The ongoing research at Babcock focuses on improving animal traits through molecular methods and conventional index based selection. The company uses state of the art equipment and has an on site DNA laboratory at their genomics center which is used to analyze the genotype of every pig born in their nucleus herd. In the lab, marker assisted selection provides a quicker analysis of desirable genomic regions, increases response to selection procedures, and delivers a faster transfer of genetics to the commercial industry.


In addition to providing the commercial swine industry with seedstock and semen, Babcock is committed to its customers through its service and support. This team works to determine optimum pig flow for its customers' operations and assists in a smooth transition to the closed herd system. The staff also holds regular meetings with its customer's nutritionists and veterinarians to keep production and health at high levels. In the event of a problem, the service department works with its customers to get production back on track immediately.