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Babcock animals were recently chosen to take part in a trial at South Dakota University to study growth performance of pigs affected with PRRSv. Results of the study state the following: (Fiene, M.R., & Thaler, R.C., 2014)1

“Babcock pigs showed no external signs of PRRS, other than a few pigs with a little cough and being lethargic. We expected more morbidity during the trial and didn’t see that with Babcock Genetics.” said Dr. Robert Thaler, South Dakota State University.

As proven in this trial, Babcock animals are rugged and maintain growth rate when compromised with disease. Babcock was started over 40 years ago by caesarian section and there has never been a live animal entry since that time. Our closed-herd internal multiplication system helps keep PRRS out of many of our customer’s herds. Those who did become infected saw the herd stabilize quickly and return to normal production levels. The Babcock nucleus herd maintains our SPF health status and has never had a company owned farm or boar stud break with PRRS or PEDV.

More details about the trial:

Efficacy of Soybean Meal in Reducing the Effect of a PRRS Challenge in Finishing Pigs